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Annie Lennox: Nostalgia

  November 08, 2014  ~    13.8 MB
Annie Lennox: Nostalgia




Twenty-two years ago Annie Lennox released her first solo album Diva, a recording that successfully forged a disparate identity from the work she had created with Dave Stewart, as one half of ‘80s synth-pop duo Eurythmics. The album concluded with the 1930s tune “Keep Young and Beautiful”, a tart, tongue-in-cheek ode to staying trim and attractive. With lyrics as overtly ironic as the album’s title, the effervescent song might have seemed a jarring ending to the record, but it has remained to this day a guilty pleasure. Each subsequent solo album has unveiled different layers of Lennox’s fascinating personality, yet there was always something intriguing about that satirical closing track that lingered on long after Diva had ended. It hinted at something more, beyond the guitar and synth-laden landscapes she had previously explored.