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Cosmo Sheldrake - Axolotl

  April 16, 2018  ~    3.36 MB
Cosmo Sheldrake - Axolotl




My debut album The Much Much How How and I is out now! Listen here:

Sailing seas
In bathtubs green
To grimy shores.
Waging war
To wade in fours
And sway off course.

Scream and shout,
Trickle down and out.
I’ll build a home at sea.

Squeeze a right hand foot
Into a left hand shoe.
Eat your words,
The first and third should taste of you.

Scream and shout,
Trickle down and out,
I’ll build a home at sea.

Hide the mountain from the molehill man,
Let it go.
Dig a hole to hide the seeds in.
Make them grow,
Pick a fruit and make the wind blow back to you.

Scream and shout.
(Don’t get baffled by the flood of information)
Trickle down and out,
(That tries to take a hold on me)
I’ll build a home at sea.

Cosmo Sheldrake: vocals, double bass,
keyboards, percussion, clarinet, guitar.
Jack Steadman: bass.
Yusef Narcin: bass trombone.
Greg Sinclair: flute.
Deep throat choir: backing vocals.
Misha Mullov-Abbado: french horn.
Scott Chapman: drums.
Featuring sounds from ‘Punctuations in Space’ By the G-Bop
Orchestra. © 2017 G-Bop Orchestra. Used with permission.

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