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Cosmo Sheldrake - Linger Longer

  April 12, 2018  ~    7.71 MB
Cosmo Sheldrake - Linger Longer




My debut album The Much Much How How and I is out now! Listen here:

Dusty rays and shattered beams,
Slippery roads and sunburned dreams,
Winter’s loss becomes summers gleam,
Come wobbling out of the ocean.

Come trickle back to den and roost,
Come claw and tooth,
And fish and goose.
Come fin and tail,
And paw and tooth,
For life has a passion for living.

Distant thoughts become cluttered mind,
What is a drop in the ocean?
Far and few but long behind,
We’re spun by the heavenly motion.

Ring the bell sound made crystalline,
Ring out for the cause of all notions,
April’s dew becomes Autumn’s wine,
Leave everything always unbroken.

Cosmo Sheldrake: double bass, electric bass,
keyboards, percussion, banjo.
Eleanor Tinlin : oboe, cor anglais.
Ewan Bleach: clarinet.
Greg Sinclair: flute.
Yusuf Narcin: bass trombone.
George Sleightholme: bass clarinet.
James Davidson: flugelhorn.
Misha Mullov-Abbado: french horn.
Jack Steadman: drums.
Hale May: backing vocals.

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